Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, It’s time to pause and think

Mark Twain

It started with a question. Why do most news stories sound the same? Is the news just negative, sensational stuff? Is the goal to break the story first?

To respond to these questions, we decided to create the news we wanted to see; one that’s actually helpful, instructive, and enjoyable. Cloout.

Cloout provides analysis and commentary on what’s happening in Business in Africa and—if we’re feeling generous—the world. When you think of Cloout, think of that good friend of yours who tells you what’s happening. Think of Cloout as that good friend of yours who tells you what’s happening.

We believe:

Everyone shouldn’t have to tell stories the same way. We actually get to choose how we want to tell stories. Good and bad news can coexist. Progress isn’t like flipping a switch. Someone who points out progress who is rebutted by someone pointing out setbacks might not be arguing – they’re probably just choosing to look at different parts of the world.

Learning should never stop, why not use the news to continue learning.

Taking a deep breath is usually a better plan. While everyone is rushing to break the news, we’d prefer to listen for what’s driving the news.

Welcome to Cloout!

What subscribers say

Maranna Igbokwe – Financial Analyst

Overall, the content is amazing really. Looking forward to next Saturday’s.

Chiaka Unegbu – Data Scientist

I like that you give extra definitions to terminologies when you explain them. Please always make sure of that. Defining terminologies is important to actually educate people. Well done – look forward to more of this.

Bolu Akindele – Journalist

I lovvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee it!

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